Russell Young (* 1959)

Russell Young


‘Kate Moss‘

Silkscreen on linen  canvas with diamond dust
157 x 122 cm / 62 x 48 in
signed on the back side

Russell-Young-Marilyn Monroe - MMM-Goddess-Galerie-Jeanne-Muenchen
Russell Young



Enamel paint screen print with diamond dust on black somerset paper
Size: 99 x 76,2 cm / 33×26 in
Edition 10 + 3 AP
signed and numbered

Russell-Young-MARILYN MONROE -persian-rose-l-Galerie-Jeanne-Muenchen
Russell Young


‘Marilyn Monroe Crying’

Silkscreen persian rose on linen canvas with diamond dust
157 x 122 cm / 62 h × 48 w in
signed on the back side

Russell Young-Marilyn-Crying-suicide-pink-Galerie-Jeanne-Munich
Russell Young

Acrylic paint, enamel screen print with diamond dust on somerset paper
42 x 33 inches / 107 x 84 cm
Edition 50
signed and numbered

Russell Young-Marilyn-Crying-suicide-gold-Galerie Jeanne-Munich
Russell Young



Acrylic paint, enamel screen print with diamond dust on somerset paper
42 x 33 inches / 107 x 84 cm
Edition 50
signed and numbered 

Russell Young


‘Frank Sinatra‘ – Mugshot

screenprint on paper
113 x 89 cm / 44.5 h × 35 w in
Edition 50 + 11 AP
signed and numbered

Russell Young


‘The Magnificent 7‘

screenprint on paper
44 × 35 in.
Edition 10
signed and numbered

Russell Young (born 1959 York, England)


Russell Young studied photography, film and graphic design at Chester Art College and Exeter Art College, Oxford, before moving to London, where he initially worked as an assistant to photographer Christos Raftopoulos.

As a photographer of the late 1970s, Russell Young initially photographs for record companies and magazines. He is responsible for George Michael’s Faith album.

Then Russell Young went to America. In the States he photographed Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen and many other stars.

Russell Young also made a name for himself as the director of over 100 music videos.


In 1992, Russel Young finally moved to the United States of America


In the USA, the artist Russell Young from New York devoted himself almost exclusively to painting from the year 2000 onwards. He discovered a technique between photography and painting that was new to him for his artworks:

  • acrylic screen printing.

Impressive works of art coveted by collectors worldwide have been created since the year 2000.

Russell Young drew on Andy Warhol’s silkscreen paintings with their saturated colors for his new, vibrant and outstanding works of art. Fascinated, he placed the typical printed granularity, which can also be found in traditional newspaper printing, in the center of the statement in his works and thus achieved his central visual fleetingness and apparent movement. The impression often arises that it is a still image that could start moving at any moment.

From the year 2000, Russel Young then concentrated on pure screen printing series, which he finally refined with diamond dust – which gave his subject additional brilliance and noble expression.

The sought-after artworks by British-American artist Russell Young can be bought at Galerie Jeanne in Munich.

Russell Young lives and works in New York and California.


Russell Youngs works are represented in museums exhibitions like:

2019 Art Couture: The Intersection of Art and Fashion, Cornell Art Museum, Florida
2018 Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
2018 Superstar, Modern Art Museum, Shanghai
2015 Forever Young: A Retrospective, Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, Florida
2012 A Retrospective, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, Texas

Among the museums that present Russell Young in their permanent exhibitions are, for example:
  •  Getty Center in Los Angeles
  •  Albertina in Vienna.


International Collections
  • The Polk Museum of Art, Florida
  • Cornell Art Museum, Florida
  • White House Collection, Washington, DC
  • The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • The Getty Collection, Los Angeles
  • Albertina Museum, Vienna
  • Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul
  • Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow



In the Jeanne Gallery in Munich, collectors will find signed works of art by the artist Russell Young.



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